About us

Poolad Tajhiz Irsa Company which has been operating as an industrial group since 2005 was registered in as a special joint stock company under the name of Poolad Tajhiz Irsa.

Irsa company by using efficient personnel and a set of specialized machinery and equipment has successfully completed or is implementing projects in the steel industry at the desired time.

Commitment to professional principles, improving the quality level and leading projects in a coherent system has paved the way for a achieving the main goals of the company. Consulting services and technical and economic studies, design and basic and detail engineering, research and development in problem solving, construction, installation and operation, perform production line automation operations, perform electrical operation and instrumentation, supply of spare parts and equipment and operation of steel mills are our specialized fields.

According to company policies and long-term programs, our focus is on developing technical knowledge of parts manufacturing, cat off the need to import of equipment that had never been similar to domestic and their localization. So that in a short period of time, several inventions were registered by Irsa in the field of arc furnace accessories. In 2009 with the productivity, Irsa Holding was established with the focus on Poolad Tajhiz Irsa as parent company with the mission of designing and localizing equipment manufacturing the steel mills was assigned to Moham Vira Zob company and performing all the commercial services, including the purchase of foreign equiepment and raw materials and the specialized sale of products to Avin Sanat company and the task of producing continuous casting modals of steel mills was assigned to Yavaran Sanat company as subsidiary companies.