Designing steelmaking plants

Designing, installing, final testing, and launching 500,000-ton Ardestan steel unit

  • Designing various parts of the plant, including 75-ton arc furnace (AF) and ladle furnace, smoke suction system, material handling, water supply, casting, and cranes
  • Installing, testing, and launching arc furnace (AF), ladle furnace, smoke suction system
  • Constructing power substations, installing transformers and medium and low-pressure panels, cabling
  • Designing and implementing automation and electrode adjustment system





Installing, testing and launching, operating and maintaining Sina Steel plant

  • Installing, testing, and launching a 12-ton induction furnace
  • Designing, manufacturing, installing, testing, and launching of two-strand casting line
  • Installing the water supply system, smoke suction, new shed, and handling material
  • Launching electrical panels and plant automation system
  • Operating and maintaining the plants within two years






25-tons arc furnace (AF) of Zob Gostar Qom Company

  •  Mechanical consultant for arc furnace (AF) and ladle furnace
  • Consultant Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and ladle
  • Overhead crane consultant to smelt and molding






Designing and implementing automatic control software (Electric Arc Furnace-EAF) of 180-ton Saba Steel

  • Automatic charging of materials
  • Pulse voltage and current control arc furnace (AF)
  • Bulked slag quality control
  • Determining the optimal operating point of the furnace in terms of electrical parameters and production process