Copper Center Roof (Copper Delta)


Copper Center Roof (Copper Delta)

Arc furnace roofs, commonly known as delta or central roof, have very short lifespans because of exposure to molten and slag radiation, corrosive materials such as lime and oxygen, and heat shock tolerance because of furnace cooling and heating. Irsa Copper Delta is a new and safe design of electric arc furnace delta that is offered several times the life of the refractory delta with a guaranteed life. The benefits of copper Irsa Delta:

  • Significant increase in delta life
  • Create added value for the consumer through after-sales as copper scrap at the current price
  • Reduce furnace stops due to delta destruction
  • Reduced assembly and disassembly time due to the removal of Delta repairs
  • Significant weight loss compared to refractory delta
  • Return on investment in the short term


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