Blowing Lance Type 400


Blowing Lance Type 400

Irsa Company has designed and produced type 400 lanes to solve the problem of carbon and oxygen lance location and eliminate their interference with refractory bricks for certain types of furnaces.

Increasing fire resistance, increasing production, and minimizing emergency repairs are advantages of this type of Irsa lance.

  • Increase the life of refractory bricks by using cooling panels in the block
  • Ability to install carbon lance up – down and side by side
  • Flexibility in the hydrograph’s design and the location of the lances by the space of the installation site
  • Ability to replace the nozzle during melting
  • Eliminate the risk of leakage and the need for emergency repairs
  • Ability to replace the nozzle quickly
  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Create Foamy slag



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