• Increase of production in Sirjan Iranian Steel by presenting 300 type nozzles produced by Irsa Steel Company instead of using TENOVA design nozzles
  • Reduction of refractory consumption in Pasargad steel by using copper electrode slag door made by Irsa Steel Company, instead of using refractory brick in slag door section
  • Reduction of electrode consumption and costs of Sirjan Iranian Company by using copper electrode made by Irsa Steel Company instead of graphite electrode used in the slag door area
  • Solving the problem of supplying materials and increasing the life of the part and reducing the outflow of currency from the country by optimizing and designing the lance block 200 as an alternative to foreign sample lanes for Mobarakeh Steel Company
  • Optimization of lance and refractory distance by reducing the refractory consumption of Sirjan Steel World Company by presenting the block design of 400 type lanes made by Irsa Steel Company